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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  September 14, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites. good morning, everybody. top of the hour. i am poppy harlow in new york, and john berman is in the florida keys. good morning, john. >> down here in big pine key. president trump on his way to florida right now. he will visit the west coast, ft. meyers and enables. we will get to that but first let's get back to poppy for breaking news. the president is working on making his deal-making stripes in spades, if you will. how far is he willing to go to get something big through congress. before he left the white house, as you see him departing with
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the first lady there for florida, and he said he is working on a plan to let the d.r.e.a.m.ers stay, and the wall, he said, will come later. what looked like a deal with democrats, and he said mcconnell and ryan are onboard. phil, the word from you is not a deal yet but? >> something. it seems the best way for democrats to move forward on the policy priorities, just sit down with the president in person. we saw it with the fiscal deal last year and now seeing it with daca. what the specific parameters are, there will be daca protections that will be maintained for the 700,000 individuals registered with the program, and a border security
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package. what the details are on both of the issues are extremely important. on the top line, take a listen to what the president has to say about that meeting. >> we met last night with schumer, pelosi and a whole group. i think we are fairly close but we have to get massive border security. mitch is onboard, and paul ryan is onboard. we all feel 92% of the people agree on daca, but what we want is we want very, very powerful border security. >> poppy, one of the big questions now is even if some republicans are onboard, what about his base? this was an issue, as you know, he spoke throughout his campaign, and he said the wall will come later. this is why he was elected and why his supporters have been so loyal to him. listen to one of the most conservative members of the house, steve king.
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>> his base will leave him. they will not be able to defend him anymore. i support the agenda he had when he was sworn into office and i support every piece except the amnesty piece that is being dangled out there right now. >> we have seen headlines from breitbart and his supporters, and will that do anything to sink what is happening right now? a couple key points. they have agreed on top lines but not details. democrats made clear they don't want just protections for daca participants, but they want the d.r.e.a.m. act. where that ends up is important and also extremely important, the scope and size of the border
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security package. the republicans i have been speaking to over the last couple of days have noted that wall aside, that's the key to getting their participation in the deal. on top of it all, can they get the votes to move it through. the democrats will be there. can they make sure that their members are online or enough of them for not this to cause a major problem inside the party? >> as you note, there were no republicans in the room last night when they made the short term debt ceiling deals, and there were republicans, and they were not last night for this. let's discuss this and the political headlines this morning because there are a lot of them with cnn political analysts, april and amy. just to be clear it's not democrats that control congress right now, it's republicans. >> right. >> why is it that it only seems
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like chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and the democrats can get things done with this president? >> well, this president has to find common ground beyond his own party. he angers members of his own party and some of this is to say i can do things without you. this president is not happy with some of the leadership and we have heard a lot about it. he extended the olive branch to those he chastised privately and publicly. he needs democrats because his own party is not necessarily always in his camp. he cannot, i guess, bully them to a certain extent to come onboard. >> it's really a change, amy,
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from the tweets about wishing that it just took 51 votes to get throueverything through con. somebody not happy at all this morning is conservative republican, steve king. no promise is credible. he tweeted reagan led with amnesty, and obama, and all failed. trump leads with daca in 2017. does he have a point the president is risking blowing up his base? >> i talked to a couple people last night that supported him in the 2016 aelection, and they expressed constellation, like, what is going on here?
6:07 am
he's talking with democrats. there are republicans that want his agenda to go through and they want things to happen. they are pleased there's some kind of movement. >> it's not just daca. in the last 24 hours, it's also taxes. the president said, no, no, rich people, you will not pay less taxes but you may pay more. and kevin mccarthy, among the leaders in the freedom caucus in the house, he's like, what? we want all americans to pay lower taxes? >> yeah, flashback, poppy, to health care, and he was talking about things in the health care and it was gifts to attack them. there's a couple things here. first and foremost, when it comes to what the president says, the split here, the divide you have in congress is it doesn't track with what they are
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trying to push through. he likes the talking points and he is urging people to do something but that's not being followed through here on capitol hill. why this matters and why this is important, as you noted, republicans control the house and senate. republicans control what goes on the floor. republicans control what is in the legislation. they matter. they can't be left out of meetings. i was told last night and i was texting people close to the leadership and they were saying you know more than we do, we don't know what was agreed to. and one person close to pelosi says my worse nightmare is he agrees to something not on the table. and it doesn't help the process, because you are talking about health care and immigration, and they are heavy lifts where you need the entire party united if they want them to be conservative pieces of legislation. what you are seeing right now is splits on that front and that
6:09 am
doesn't help things moving forward. another big headline out of the interview that cooper anderson did last night with hillary clinton. just listen to this where she called the russian election interference potentially bigger than watergate and then added this. >> whoever runs again probably starting in 2018 will face russian interference, and may face coordination between opposition campaigns and russians, voter suppression, and sexism, and massage knee. to write this book was to send up alarm signals so others could say these factors could affect anybody and eventually republicans could be affected? >> april, the president took to twitter this morning and said, look, she is blaming everybody else for her loss and not her
6:10 am
self. how do you see it? >> well, the president likes to talk about hillary clinton a lot, so it's interesting. every since he won -- i watch twitter, speaking of twitter, and somebody made a very important point. he keeps talking about hillary clinton because that's one of the only wins he has had so far in the last eight months and i thought that was an interesting point. hillary clinton makes a point about this russia investigation. i don't know if it's going to be bigger than watergate, but if where the smoke is, and if what people on capitol hill, some of the senators involved in some of the investigations of this, and the hearings, if what they are saying is true, this really could be historic. hillary clinton is the former secretary of state, and she understands full well what the democracy is, and she understands democracy and
6:11 am
understands it's not right for another nation to come into political process to insinuate itself into the process one way, directly or indirectly, and change the process. this is a big deal. >> how do you see it? >> i think she had to push back against critics that said what are you doing? you are pushing the party back to 2016. we're trying to move forward. >> and he asked her about that? >> and a lot of people, particularly in obama's camp, take a note from the president, he stepped aside and the party is rebuilding and we need fresh blood to come up and she had to respond why this is important going forward. >> thank you. let's go back to john in the florida keys. john. >> thanks, poppy. one small sign of progress here after we woke up. we noticed teeny pockets of cell service and particularly in the lower keys. it appears to be the temporarily
6:12 am
towers put up by at&t to help out with the first responders and the recovery teams, but if you know where to go you can pick up a few minutes of cell service which will be welcomed to those in the lower keys. the president cannot come down here, but he's going up to ft. meyers and naples. alex is where he will be landing in just a bit. >> reporter: the president just took off and due to arrive in an hour and a half, and accompanied by the first lady, melania trump, and he will be greeted here by the florida senators and governor. he will get a briefing about the relief and recovery efforts and then hopping on marine one and taking a short ride to naples which you know was hit hard by hurricane irma.
6:13 am
this third trip in three weeks to a devastated hurricane zone comes after the criticism of his trip to houston in the wake of hurricane harvey in which he was criticized for not meeting victims or giving a rally-style speech in which he talked about crowd size. the white house is con sscientis about getting briefings. there's the devastation in florida, and we have seen widespread flooding across the state. when is the power going to come back? that's the question. the president said the florida power companies are making good progress. they are. we are seeing the number of houses going back online come up significantly, but still 2.7 million customers without power, and that translates to millions
6:14 am
of people. i have been getting text messages from people i met up and down the coast saying we are suffering in the sweltering heat, and it's 80 degrees and it barely 9:00 in the morning and will go up to 90 degrees today. the president will spend three hours on the ground here before going back to washington, and he will soon visit puerto rico and the u.s. advisorivirgin islands were also impacted. >> the residents in the keys are asking if the president is coming here, and i say no, because it will disrupt the recovery. he's on his way to florida, and they are glad he is coming. one of the most mystifying events, the deaths of the nursing home in hollywood, florida. new questions this morning. we will have an update on the developments, next.
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john berman back in big pine key in the florida keys down here. behind me you can see the obvious signs of destruction here, infrastructure in some cases easily compromised and easy to see why it will take some time to recover here. much harder questions in hollywood, florida. how is it that eight people died in a nursing home days after hurricane irma strikes with a hospital right across the street? these are questions that need answers. >> reporter: on sunday is when the air-conditioning went out. the elderly people were without air-conditioning, sunday, monday, tuesday, and into the early morning hours of wednesday, and that's a serious medical problem for old people that overheat very easily and
6:20 am
can get sick quickly. what we are also told by a broward county executive. she said we had contact, and emergency workers had contact for three days with this facility. when they were asked if you have medical needs or emergencies, or do the residents need anything and they were told -- they were not told there was a problem. let's take a look at what the mayor, josh levy, had to say. >> the state needs to look entirely at the emergency scheme, what happens when there's a failure of air-conditioning systems in the florida heat of day. it obviously can't be left to some administrators that apparently did not make the right judgment calls. >> to the mayor's point, let's look at inspection reports that were down by the government in the years prior to this appearing.
6:21 am
they were cited as having a deficiency for a generator that was temporary and had no plans to replace it, and there were an alarm on the generator that had not been maintained so if it failed there was no way of knowing, and when they looked at a small sample of patients there was a 25.9% medical error rate. this does not all have to do what happened here and they were connected but it tells you something about the history of this facility. >> even then, elizabeth, it's crystal clear this never ever should have happened. elizabeth cohen up in hollywood, florida. thank you so much for that. still so many questions those families will be asking for sometime. thanks, elizabeth. poppy, back to you. again, the president is headed down to florida where john is and you will see that live here when he arrives to
6:22 am
survey the damage of irma. and then president trump is making headlines and shocking some of his fellow conservatives saying there's one group this won't help, the rich. listen. >> the rich will not be gaining at all with this plan. we're looking for the middle class and we're looking for jobs. i think the wealthy will be pretty much where they are. pretty much where they are. if we can do that, we would like it. if they have to go higher they will go higher. >> christine romans to discuss. that's different than he and the administration said in the past. >> he said tax cuts for everybody. and somebody said the president was free-lancing because a lot of people that are working on tax reform want lower taxes, and the president said cutting the corporate tax to 15% yesterday. all of those things would benefit the wealthy overall. would he actually raise their
6:23 am
top line tax rate is not -- >> or not cut it at all. >> that's what he is saying yesterday, so the president on the record on that front. we are hoping a tax reform outline will be available in a couple weeks. who is taking the lead? the white house? paul ryan? we know tax reform is so difficult. tax cuts might be easier. we heard senator ted cruz saying he would be fine with tax cuts. >> if this is about jobs and a change from what we had in the mid-80s, how do you do it? >> steve ma knew shin, and he had news where he asked to take
6:24 am
a government plane over to his honeymoon? >> the treasury secretary, steve minuchin asked to use a government jet for his honeymoon because he wanted to make sure he had secure communications, so the treasury department was looking at all the options and trying to make sure he had secure communications, and it was at a time when he was already being criticized for his new wife walking down on the tarmac with a government plane in the background and wealth shaming on instagram, and she called a person adorably out of touch. you can see that that's making headlines, but not for all of the right reasons. not talking about tax reform there. >> indeed. thank you. ahead for us, life after irma. cnn joins one couple as they see
6:25 am
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6:30 am
44 people killed in the caribbean there, and only now are we coming to terms with what was lost and what it will take to rebuild. we are getting a look at how things are looking on st. martin. clarissa. >> reporter: hi, john. the situation here is pretty dire. as we have seen everywhere hurricane irma hit, this was a fierce storm. we took out our drone yesterday to try and scope out some of the damage. it's kreuincredible. trees have been plucked of their foliage. the real worry, and i don't know if you can see it on the drone, the streets are lined, covered, john, with trash, and trash, of course, attracts rats and rats attract disease and that's the big concern right now, there's no sanitation or running water. residents here telling us they are very concerned that not
6:31 am
enough has been done to try and improve the hygiene situation, to try and get in some temporary chemical toilets, disposable toilets and port a potties, things of that nature. there's nowhere for people to go to the bathroom. they are forced to simply walk a few hundreds away from the terminal and go to the bathroom where they can. that obviously presents authorities and residents with a dangerous situation because it's so common, as you know, after an absolute disaster, typhoid, these types of outbreaks are the biggest fear, so in addition to the loss and devastation that these people are dealing with and reconstructing, they are also trying to stave off a major catastrophe, john. >> so many things we take for granted so often become matters
6:32 am
of survival at times like this. let's hope the people there get the help that they need. at this house where i am in big pine key, i have been talking to the owners the last two days and they have been so strong despite the fact that their house was simply destroyed here. yesterday at one point i did see harry gazing into the open wall right there and sobbing. he has lost his entire house. they have to start from scratch, at least here. there are so many people returning home to that reality, not just in the keys or in the caribbean where clarissa was, but all up the florida peninsula. and one family was up in jacksonville on the st. john's river. >> reporter: here in northern florida many families still need a canoe to get to their front doors. these two are going back to their home in green springs,
6:33 am
florida, for the first time since irma arrived. they have no idea what to expect once they open the door. >> do you have this locked, honey? >> i didn't lock it. >> ahh. it's ruined. >> reporter: it has just taken this couple a matter of seconds to learn their home suffered catastrophic damage. >> oh. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: it's a nightmarish chaotic scene, and smoke detecters beeping, and their life belongings destroyed. at its highest point the
6:34 am
neighborhoods snapped this picture when the waters exceeded six feet. the waters continue to flow in the house. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: todd is in the air national guard. he was deployed to help hurricane victims as his house was getting flooded, and he rushed home to be with his wife who evacuated to a neighbor's house. >> it's a mess. everything is just floating. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: amid the wreckage, they look for items that are sentimental to them. but they still can't believe what the force of all the water did in their home. >> the refrigerator fell down. did you see that?
6:35 am
>> it's okay. >> like so many people in the path of hurricane irma, their lives have taken a dramatic detour. >> i am so sorry for what you are going through. you are only married three years and relatively still newlyweds. >> it will work out. >> what it comes down to is you both are okay? >> that's the most important thing. >> their plan is to rebuild and come back to this home. first, they have to get over the shock. >> we have late pictures of his dad who recently passed and then we have photos from our wedding, graduation, happy times. but it's okay. >> gary tuckman, cnn, green boat
6:36 am
springs, florida. >> reporter: the only thing to survive was a crock pot. let's go to a meteorologist who rode out the storm in key west. bill, if you can hear me you are three miles south of where i am in big pine key. give me an assessment. how is the recovery so far? >> it's going along but it's slow. i will say that much. we're having the main issue with the water. we are under a boil water restriction, but there ain't no water pressure, very little. you have two two-hour windows a day where they turn the water on for hygiene and cooking and you can store a couple buckets of water for flushing toilets or
6:37 am
what not, and whenever the two hours two times a day are over, where you are at, it's probably the worst, if not -- cudjoe is bad, too. the destruction, i know we are not construction workers, but we have been sending teams out to big pine and cudjoe key to try and help people out, and put a tarp on somebody's roof yesterday. one of our coworkers lost everything that lives on big pine key, so you know, we're here in key west but really where the people need the help is from big coppitt key to big pine key. >> big pine key is where i am, bill. they have no water here at all. they would love to have two hours of water a day here. down in key south, have people started trickling back home? they have not let residents come back down from the peninsula
6:38 am
yet. what are you seeing? >> well, that's right. you can't come back. they will stop you. they won't let you back just because they want to establish some type of infrastructure that is stable before letting people back in. the only self service is at&t and now that was just established yesterday. i hate to talk about what we are going through in key west when there are people suffering beyond what people should be suffering. it's pretty sad. we need to get them water. they say key west, really things started to pick up, i would say, tuesday night. a lot of c-130s flew into key west, and they were able to set up points of distribution throughout the keys for food and
6:39 am
water and now we are starting to get fuel. there's one gas station that i drove past to get to work that is open, and there's a lane half a mile long to get gas. and it's getting the supplies out to where people need them the most. >> bill, i can't tell you, up here in big pine key there's more destruction but people are beginning to get the help they need. the water is being distributed here and food has begun to be distributed and there's a cell tower here, and rest assure things are improving here. bill, thanks for being with us. poppy. ahead for us, democratic leadership this morning touting their negotiations with the president to protect d.r.e.a.m.ers without funding a border wall, but the devil, as always is in the details. a member of congress who was in the key meetings with the president yesterday will join us next.
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president trump says he's working on a plan to protect d.r.e.a.m.ers. he met with top democrats about it last night, and he tweeted about it this morning and he said leadership in the republican party, paul ryan and mitch mcconnell are, quote, onboard. this is a president showing his deal-making stripes in spades. congressman, to be clear, you were not in the meeting last night with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer about daca, although i would have loved if you were and could shed light on the confusion.
6:45 am
what did the president say he was willing to do? >> we had a meeting yesterday with about 14 members of congress and the president and some of his staff to talk about a host of issues including daca. regarding daca, he's very sympathetic. he seems very, very clear that he doesn't want to punish the young people that came to the country with their parents, and even though they are undocumented, and now they are important to american society. >> our reporting from washington this morning is a senior white house aide is saying the president is so dedicated to this daca legislation, he said it takes priority over a border wall. what did you make of that? did you get that read from him? >> i think the president, like
6:46 am
many americans, quite frankly, recognize this is the right thing to do. there may be people trying to pull him in different directions because of the politics, but when everything is said and done, he knows and i know and the people at the meeting and everybody in washington and throughout america know that this is the right thing to do to help these young people to live lives free of this anxiety and this dread. quite frankly, there's more we can do. >> not everybody in america. if you have read congressman steve king's twitter feed this morning, you will see he's anything but happy about this. he tweeted multiple things saying he is blowing up his base, et cetera, and he said reagan led with amnesty, and bush 43 and obama led, and all feed. so trump leads with daca amnesty in 2017. steve king is not happy but apparently mcconnell and paul
6:47 am
ryan are onboard with this. you democrats are not in control right now, but do you see the president as malyaoable? >> the american people want us to work together to get things done. this issue of undocumented immigrants goes back to the 1980s as you point out when tens of thousands of people came over the d.r.e.a.m.ers legislation, and the whole issue of undocumented immigration. >> what i am asking specifically is are you looking at the last two weeks, these deals, the deal he cut on the debt ceiling with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, and tax reform, keeping taxes at or above where they are for the wealthy, and is this a president you see as malyaoable by the democrats right now? >> yes, i do.
6:48 am
the president wants to talk about infrastructure, tax reform, daca, and health care. he realizes people are sick and tired of politics and politicians playing the blame game and wants to get things done. to get things done we have to reach across party lines and work with people we don't agree with on every single issue. for those people that are just stuck in one place and want to make it partisan, let's move beyond those folks and get with people that can get things done like in the problem solvers caucus. >> what should democrats give? chuck schumer and nancy pelosi make clear they are not giving an inch on the border wall. >> on this issue, this is something the american people overwhelmingly one with the exception of steve king. this is something easy. we don't need this a big
6:49 am
negotiation. it's the right thing -- >> is that a yes or no? should democrats give a little more? >> democrats can give things on certain issues. depends on what the issue is. on this issue i don't think there is a need to give anything more on this because it's the right thing to do and makes sense politically and policy perfective for the american people, and we will negotiate on a lot of things when it comes to health care and all the different issues we need to address in this country. we have to give and take on different things. we can find common ground to try and help the american people. >> congressman, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, poppy. ahead, south korea will not fight fire with fire. that word coming down from the new president of south korea vowing not to develop nuclear weapons and he sits down with a
6:50 am
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welcome back. a new threat from north korea. this morning a government spokesperson apparently released a statement threatening to reduce the u.s. mainland to ashes and darkness and also threatening to sink japan into the sea. this is rhetoric we expect from north korea but this is the latest. this comes as south korea's new president says he does not want his country to develop new klee yar weapons. he sat down with paula hancocks since the north tested the
6:55 am
hydrogen bomb this month. paula, a rare chance to sit down with him. what stood out to you? >> well, poppy, the first thing he said was about the option of having nuclear weapons within south korea. there's been a growing voice over here saying they would like tactical nuclear weapons and not rely on the u.s. nuclear umbrella. i asked him about that and he was pretty clear in what he had to say. >> translator: we need to develop our military capabilities in the face of north korea's nuclear advancement. i do not agree that south korea needs to develop our own nuclear weapons or relocate technical nuclear weapons in the face of north korea's nuclear threat. to respond to north korea by having our own nuclear weapons will not maintain peace on the korean peninsula and could lead to a nuclear arms race in northeast asia.
6:56 am
>> i also asked the president about whether or not he would still talk to north korea. certainly that's what we heard at the beginning when he came to power. now he is focusing more on sanctions and pressure but he would talk to north korea but at the moment the pressure was important to try to stop war breaking out. poppy? >> paula hancocks, thank you so much. people can go to and see much more of your interview with the president. also tomorrow night, television you will not want to miss, join our will ripley for an exclusive journey inside of north korea. see places that few individuals in the western world have ever seen before. secret state inside north korea, that is tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. eastern, only right here on cnn. we are minutes away from the president's arrival in florida to assess the damage of hurricane irma firsthand. we're following all the developments. stay with us. with 33 individual vertebrae and 640 muscles in the human body
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